Near Shore Americas Capgemini Custom eBook

Marketing collateral is such a broad term that the importance of it often gets lost in “marketing speak”.  The strategy you employ, and the physical and/or digital solutions you make part of your plan are absolutely vital to driving your business or brand.

The solutions you use should depend on your goals, but any well designed plan could include a combination of landing pages, micro sites, eblasts, whitepapers, infographics, interactive ads or custom content, as well as banner and print campaigns.

For a strategy to be effective one must understand the thought process a customer or reader goes through when they consume the content. How does it flow? Is it engaging and interactive wherever possible?  Is the brand represented consistently? Will it lead them to the next step in the buying or engagement process?

Most of the time I find the heavy lifting is in the planning stages. Once I can get specifics regarding a clients goals, all the elements start to fall into place quickly.