Smarter Technology

This is a little intro we used before the video
webinars and interviews posted on the
Smarter Technology site. It was all created
with Lightwave 4.0.


A direct result of the extraordinary change taking place worldwide, Smarter Technology offered a unique vision of the changing role of technology through several layers of content and discussions focused on core technology issues. Key issues included contemporary information agendas, how to link business intelligence to business results, the need for dynamic infrastructure, the growing role of virtualization, the new role of the Cloud, and the need for more collaboration both inside and outside of organizations.

“We live in a world in the throes of rapid change. As a consequence, organizations are being asked to do more with technology than ever,” said Stephen Wellman, Editor-in-Chief of Smarter Technology. “Smarter Technology is the platform where IT managers and technologists can discuss how they are improving their IT systems and the processes they build around them.”

Smarter Technology content was anchored around three main themes: Technology for Change: The technologies with the most potential to help change our world; Smarter Strategies: New ways businesses and organizations can use new and existing technologies to reform their processes and gain new efficiencies; and Global Challenges: The big issues facing our world — the economy, climate change, globalization, managing disparate organizations and structures — and how business leaders and IT managers use technology to solve them.

A true multi-media destination that takes online community to a new level, the Smarter Technology brand featured editorial content and analysis, community forums, videos, video eSeminars, newsletters, RSS feeds, as well as Facebook and Twitter communities.

The Smarter Technology brand was sponsored exclusively by IBM.


Art Direction/Brand Design/Magazine Design & Layout

The line art for the Smarter Technology logo was designed with Adobe Illustrator. The client was looking for a futuristic feel that was still readable. All of the assets in this content marketing package had the clear blue sky backgrounds. The clarity, horizon and openess of this background nicely tied all of these assets together and conveyed a hopeful future of new beginnings. The logo was modeled, staged and animated with Lightwave.