Let G6M help you:
– Conceptualize ideas that can be used across multiple platforms including social and digital
– Uphold graphic aesthetic, maintaining quality and quantity of work produced
– Collaborate with internal teams and follow or provide creative direction on any given assigned project
– Provide creative leadership or hands-on execution, from conception to delivery
– Conceive and design network print material including advertising campaigns and collateral pieces
– Ensure continuity of design and shared assets across multiple channels
– Create and prepare all print ad mechanicals for final release to cross channel publication
– Ensure hi-res files are built to specs provided and are suitable for printing

Additional benefits of partnering with G6M:
– Expert level users for Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, HTML 5, Mac OS X
​- Award winning design across all aspects of media deliverables
– Ability to direct third party creative teams
– Strong time/project management skills
​- Extensive industry experience in music, travel, telecom, information technology
– Up-to-date and knowledgeable with regard to pop culture trends
– Acclaimed event design

Creative Strategy, Brand Vision, Management/Collaboration, Agile Methodologies, Adobe Creative Suite, UX Design, Prototype Design, Wireframing,  Digital Design, Interface Design, Responsive Design, Corporate Branding, HTML/CSS, AtTask Project Management, Pro Tools Audio, Microsoft Office, WordPress, NewTek LightWave, Mac and PC Proficient
2013 Content Marketing Awards
Gold Award
 – Best Overall Digital Magazine Design
EE Times 40th Anniversary: Rise of the Geeks
Group Creative Director – Steve Raia

2013 Content Marketing Awards

Gold Award – Best New Publication Digital Magazine Design
ARM Signum Magazine
Group Creative Director – Steve Raia

2011 ASBPE Awards of Excellence

2011 North East Regional Azbee Awards
Northeast Silver – Graphics Excellence
Opening Page/Spread
 “A Tale of Two Investment Trends”
 CIO Insight Magazine
Art Direction – Steve Raia

2011 North East Regional Azbee Awards
Northeast Bronze – Graphics Excellence
Technical Article 
“Weaving a Web 2.0 Security Strategy” 
Baseline Magazine
Art Direction – Steve Raia

FOLIO: 2011 Eddie Awards

eWEEK Magazine, May 2011
“Marc Benioff: Trend Seer and Business Socialist”
Art Direction – Steve Raia

2010 ASBPE Awards of Excellence
2010 North East Regional Azbee Awards
Northeast Gold – Graphics Excellence
Original Research Feature
Trends for 2010: Piecing Together a Strategy” 
Baseline Magazine
Art Direction – Steve Raia

2010 North East Regional Azbee Awards

Northeast Gold – Graphics Excellence
Feature Spread
 “Dealing with Data Overload
” CIO Insight Magazine
Art Direction – Steve Raia

2010 National Print Azbee Awards

Silver – Graphics Excellence, 
Digitally Generated Cover
“Orchestrating Enterprise Mobility”
 Baseline Magazine
Art Direction – Steve Raia

Graphic Artists Guild
32 Broadway, Suite 1114
New York, NY 10004
 “…And you may find yourself in a beautiful house, with a beautiful wife. And you may ask yourself… Well, How did I get here?”

Honestly I’m more into Metal then New Wave. Bashing E Chords through Marshall stacks is where it’s at for me, but that Talking Heads song takes the words right out of my mouth. This art stuff was just supposed to pay the bills. I was supposed to be polishing a Grammy by now, right?

“Life is what happens while you are busy doing other things.” said John Lennon – and boy was he right. After almost a decade designing for two music industry trade papers I somehow landed in the tech vertical back in 1999 …and haven’t left since. From designer, to art director to creative director…It’s been a non-stop learning process. While I still have to occasionally book some shows with the band so I can bring the rock – when I get home and the guitars and amps are tucked away, my mind inevitably wanders back to how I might tweak that latest Word Press plug-in I just tried.

  • "Steve is an extraordinary talent with no creative boundaries. He is a consummate professional and a brilliant designer with a limitless knowledge base. In addition to being the creative force behind AMIT Magazine, Steve also has the unique gift of crafting innovative marketing and creative solutions always with an eye toward revenue generation. In the current market this is a extremely rare talent."

    Robert Sutton
    Robert Sutton Creative Director, AMIT Children's Organization
  • Steve Raia is a highly talented designer and an exceptionally capable manager and director. I've had the privilege of working with him and his team for six years. His own work is always aesthetically pleasing, clear, fresh, and interesting. And it's always delivered on or ahead of deadline. As an art director, he recruits brilliant designers (unerringly, I might add) who are always eager to contribute and motivated to deliver the best work, every time. Consulting and brainstorming with Steve on creative projects is an absolute joy. His work exceeds expectations consistently. Any creative team would be well-served with Steve as a colleague or manager.

    Michael Steinhart
    Michael Steinhart Editor, Branded Content, CBS Interactive
  • I've worked with Steve Raia for 8 years, and he is one of the most talented, dedicated and knowledgeable creative directors I've met in my career. Steve is a team player: He works closely with editorial and production people on a variety of projects--print, digital, websites, etc. Steve shares his ideas and listens to what others have to say. He cares about his work and always strives to do the best job possible. I can't say enough good things about Steve.

    Eileen Feretic
    Eileen Feretic Editor in Chief, Baseline & CIO Insight, QuinStreet
  • Steve is one of the finest creative directors and department managers I have worked with over the course of my career. He has a sharp eye for what captures people's attentions in graphics, document design and presentations. And he has a keen ability to aptly manage people and projects.

    Larry Walsh
    Larry Walsh CEO, The 2112 Group
  • Over the 5+ years I worked with Steve, never once did he falter. A consummate professional, he managed an overwhelming number of often complicated or last minute requests with a calm, can-do attitude, came back regularly with ideas and solutions, and continuously turned out high-end work that made our marketing materials pop. Without a doubt, he would be an asset to any company

    Stephanie McCarthy
    Stephanie McCarthy Corporate Marketing Mgr., Bottomline Technologies
  • "Steve is an extremely talented individual who’s a truly an innovative idea man. I partnered with him at UBM on a brand website redesign and it was the most streamlined web project I’ve ever worked on.  His leadership led me to recruit him for freelance work and eventually to hire him at Questex, during an extremely challenging time, where he reined in and managed a very antiquated and chaotic department, both effortlessly and with no addition budget required.  There’s no doubt Steve is talented, but he’s also a strong leader who knows how to build and run a solid, productive team.  Not to mention a great person to have in the office."

    Jennifer Rosen
    Jennifer Rosen Director of Marketing at Questex
  • "Steve is a talented, creative manager who worked for me for over two years as an effective and engaging manager for our awesome team at UBM's Design Central agency. Steve brought innovative and efficient solutions to every project, a keen understanding of the goals and objectives of clients, and contributed to expanding the variety of offerings within our digital product portfolio. Steve connected well with our team, his peers, managers, and clients—bringing a mix of humor, professionalism, collaboration, and design ingenuity, that contributed significantly to enhancing our corporate culture and business success."

    Gene Fedele
    Gene Fedele CEO, Openbox Creative Solutions

Whether it be print publications, digital editions, or mobile apps…long form editorial will not go quietly. To the chagrin of bean counters at media companies you can’t completely dismiss the impact of a well-designed editorial piece. Nothing serves as a qualifier better then well-delivered thought leadership. Community driven content is very important but inevitably somewhere down the line, readers will be looking for what a qualified expert has to say.


Easily the fastest growing BtoB content delivery. You can’t open a website without tripping over an infographic. People like to graze on content and what better way to deliver bite-sized factoids then with stylized illustrations and short bold copy jigsawed together into an aesthetically pleasing snack.


The anchor of your company brand. A strong logo sets the tone and personality of a business. This one piece of art becomes the single most visible manifestation of your company. A well-designed logo is an essential part of any overall marketing strategy.


Years ago this simply meant media kits, brochures and sell sheets, These days any way you can leverage the company brand to give your team an edge is fair play. Well-designed marketing plan should include landing pages, micro sites, eblasts, whitepapers and infographics, as well as banner and print campaigns. These sales aids are intended to make the sales effort easier and more effective.